Announcement: Sunday Meetings

Jan 15, 2019

Dear church family,

I come to you today by way of announcement.

Back when we first arrived in Wilmington, in God’s kindness Crossway Chapel offered to allow us to use their building for worship on Sunday nights, with the end goal that we would hope to begin having Sunday morning meetings by Easter 2019. This goal was, of course, contingent upon whether or not we had the people and funds to switch to a rental situation.

Well, Easter is not far away, but as you know we are not yet in the position to commit to a sizable rent payment given our current situation. However, Aaron and I are starting to realize that there may be great benefit in switching to a Sunday morning meeting, even at our small size.

For one, we understand that it is a common mark of our American culture for people “go to church” on Sunday mornings. While our first order of business is to make much of Jesus and be faithful to God’s word (no matter what time we meet), we do understand that cultural expectations may make a Sunday meeting more appealing to potential newcomers. Secondly, we recognize the benefit of having an intentionally low-key Sunday night with family on the heels of a new, busy week. We also recognize that having a Sunday morning meeting would be more beneficial for most of you, allowing us as a church to “Sabbath” better on Sundays and have purposeful, restful time with neighbors, family, or friends.

With these things said, we believe that God is moving us to begin praying about moving our Sunday meeting to the morning (and I have relayed these things to the good folks at Crossway Chapel). The fact remains, though, that we know of no possible meeting locations as of right now.  Here’s what we are asking of you:  please join us in beginning to pray that God would provide what we need to continue worshipping together, but on a Sunday morning. God is a big God, and He’s a good God – so we ought to pray big, specific prayers and watch Him work His will! “Ask, and you shall receive,” our Lord said (Matt. 21:22). And how faith-stirring will it be when we can look back on this post and rejoice in Him!

Here are some specific ways you can pray:

  • Ask God for a meeting space that is visible to the general public and has room for children’s ministry. Aaron and I are praying specifically for the use of a church building (perhaps a building that is being used by a small, aging congregation, but one that is looking for revitalization).
  • Ask God for a low-cost meeting space. Money is no object for the One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Ps. 50:10), and who promises to build His Church through His Son (Matt. 16:18)!
  • Ask God for a meeting space that will allow us to do ministry at other times during the week, and even one that has an office for the pastors to use.
  • Ask God for a meeting space that is in our target area, which is essentially west/central Wilmington (see graphic to the right for a rough idea).

Thank you for joining us in prayer! As a church, we want our default mode to be to pray before planning. I love you all.

Pastor J