Missional Communities

During our Soft Launch phase (Sept 2018 through Easter 2019), as the “church scattered” we will be spending time one-on-one, having coffee or meals together, getting to know our neighbors, and looking for ways to care for them and one another.

As a church, however, we want to use this season of church life to develop into a community of disciples so we can make much of Jesus together on mission in Wilmington. One great way to do this is through community groups.

Here at Grace City we use a community group model called Missional Communities (MC). Missional Communities are small groups of people who gather together regularly (apart from the Sunday meeting), who pursue the renewal and redemption of their community together.

Our vision as we grow is that missional communities become the primary way to connect with others at GCC and pursue life on mission together. These will be geographically-oriented and will be formed as needed.

MC’s will be shaped around 4 kinds of gatherings (schedule forthcoming):

  • Family Meals: We’ll gather as a church once per month (other than Sunday) for food, fellowship, and intentional discussion;
  • Life Transformation Groups: We’ll also gather twice per month at a different time, men with men, women with women, for sharing and accountability;
  • Third Place: Third Place allows us to gather at a neutral, natural, regular place for fun, sport, etc. This is an ideal opportunity to invite a non-believing neighbor as a “front door” to Christianity. This will be introduced at a later time.
  • Group Service: A formal opportunity to serve the community as a church. This will be introduced in November.

For more information on Missional Communities, please send us an email.

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