Prayer Focus for 2020

Jan 28, 2020

In Mark 10, a blind man named Bartimaeus approached Jesus and cried out for mercy. Jesus then asked him, “What do you want me to do for you? (v. 51)” Jesus wanted Bartimaeus to ask a specific request of Him. Andrew Murray observes, “Our prayers must not be a vague appeal to His mercy or an indefinite cry for blessing, but the distinct expression of a specific need.” Specific prayer helps us to pray with clarity and builds our faith when we see God answer our requests.
With 2020 in view, let’s offer up specific prayer for Grace City Church around the vision God has for us as a church.

Discernment to know where the Lord is leading us as a body in 2020; specifically what areas we are to focus on as a family and in our community

As the Lord reveals His specific will for us, we need faith to “step out” into it, corporately as a church, but also as individuals in the body, being faithful inside our spheres of influence (even with our personal limitations)

As we begin to implement God’s vision (i.e. interest meeting), we’re praying that the Lord would add 4 to 5 mature, committed family units to our body.

We’re praying that the beauty of the gospel would become further unveiled among us, and as we behold Christ that we would be granted greater humility, joy, and love for each other and the lost

We’re also praying that God would push back the advance of the Enemy in Wilmington, and that widespread conversion would happen in churches around our city

Thank you for praying along with us!