Prayer for Healthcare Professionals

Mar 31, 2020

Brothers and sisters,

While we continue to struggle through this cultural moment (which includes a lot of time at home!), one of the most important habits we must have is the continual pursuit to be constant in prayer, especially for those in our body who face this virus head-on every day while at work.

The Lord has brought a number of people to our body who serve in the healthcare profession, some of whom are tired and weary due to long hours put in away from their families, and who put themselves at risk of infection while working. I’m sure they appreciate every prayer we offer for their safety and strength to care for vulnerable people all around them.

So it gives me great joy to see that our family of churches will be giving themselves to a Day of Prayer for Healthcare Professionals this coming Friday, April 3. Again, here is Sovereign Grace Churches Executive Director, Mark Prater, with some specific ways we can be praying:

Being constant in prayer sounds like a good thing to do right now. Therefore, I’m asking the members and pastors of Sovereign Grace Churches to devote this Friday, April 3 to a Day of Prayer for Healthcare Professionals who are serving during the COVID-19 pandemic. These men and women are on the front lines, at the risk of their own health, to care for those who are sick. We, as a family of churches, thank God for them and the many sacrifices they are making. Here are a few ways you can join me in praying for the health care workers serving around the globe:


  • Ask God to protect them from contracting the COVID-19 virus as they care for the sick.
  • Ask God to strengthen them for the long hours they are working in hospitals and clinics.
  • Ask God to comfort them when they need to spend time separated from family and friends.
  • Ask God to provide the equipment, medicine, and supplies they need to care for those infected with the COVID-19 virus.
  • Ask God to encourage them especially during difficult and challenging days.
  • Ask God to use Christian health care workers to communicate the love of Christ to patients and co-workers looking for opportunities to share the hope of the gospel.

I would also like to add that we pray for continued provision for those who have lost wages due to decreased hours at work. I am grateful for the reminder that we are ever being provided for by the God who owns all the gold and silver (Haggai 2:8).

So this Friday, please join me in praying the above for healthcare professionals (add to your Google Calendar), and especially for those among us who are serving right now:

  • Mia Johnson (senior care)
  • Chad Martin (surgical practice)
  • Sarah Martin (nursing)
  • Morgan Lamb (nursing)
  • Brian Stalvey (surgical practice)

With you in prayer,

Pastor Joshua