Shared Article on Congregational Singing

Feb 4, 2019

Dear family,

I would like to share this timely article with you. It has to do to with the way that we as a local expression of Christ’s body on the earth think about our singing during our worship gathering.  In the article, Challies focuses in on some facets of congregational worship that, to be honest, I hadn’t thought about as deeply as I now do as a result of reading it.

If you want to broaden your appreciation and deepen in your love for the family members that you’re standing beside as you sing to Christ (as well as those not yet converted), please take some time to read this article. I promise you will walk away encouraged to sing louder this Sunday!

And you know what? The more our lives and stories are knit together through confession, forgiveness, and fellowship — the sweeter the words we sing will be!

Here’s the article: The Key To Making the Most Out of Congregational Singing

I love you, church!

Pastor A