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Our mission and our values demonstrate who we are and flow from what we believe.

Our Mission

We exist to make much of Jesus as we gather in community and love our neighbors in Wilmington.


Making Much of Jesus

Jesus is the Lord and King over all of His creation, and is worthy of our joyful adoration and praise. As a church, we exist to make much of Him through delighting in the gospel, preaching the Bible expositionally, singing Christ-exalting songs, praying faithfully and fervently, and pursuing lives of holiness.

Gathering in Community

As a local community of Jesus’ disciples who have been redeemed and brought into the family of God, we gather together regularly to make much of Jesus. We do this by pursuing mutual discipleship, serving one another sacrificially, giving joyfully of our finances, and practicing the spiritual gifts.



Loving Our Neighbors

As a local community of Jesus’ disciples who desire to obey the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20), we display His love to our neighbors through cultivating meaninful relationships, proclaiming the gospel to them, engaging the brokenness of our city, and supporting local and global missions through our strategic partnerships.

Here's What We Value as a Church

The core values of any organization reflect who it is and what it believes. At Grace City Church, we have six core values we share with the churches of Sovereign Grace Churches.


We believe that all of life is lived in light of what Jesus has done for us in his sinless life, sacrificial death, resurrection from the dead, and ascension to the right hand of the Father as our mediator. This is the gospel (which means "good news"). As a church, we are committed to the pursuit of a deeper understanding of how Christ's work profoundly transforms our doctrine, practice, and culture.


Our theology is rooted in the Protestant Reformation teaching that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative word of God, sufficient in all matters of faith and practice, and that the world is ruled by the God who has absolute control over every aspect of His creation. In His merciful, sovereign initiative, He has chosen to redeem a people for Himself through Christ's substitutionary-atoning death. Faith is a gift of grace. In response, Christians are called to evangelize the lost and live holy lives in the power of the Holy Spirit.


We believe that the Holy Spirit is powerfully present in the church today, giving spiritual gifts to it for the edification of the body and as a witness to the gospel. Every Christian has been given unique gifts, is commanded to desire the greater gifts, and is encouraged to practice them in the gathered church in a loving and orderly manner.


Jesus Christ reigns as head over the church, and He gives His church elders (pastors) to govern and lead under His authority. We believe that men, qualified by both character and gifting, are to serve as elders by leading, teaching, protecting, and caring for the church.


While different, men and women are both created in God's image to display God's glory by reflecting the relationships of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and of Christ to the church. According to God’s good design, men and women play distinct but complementary roles in the church and the home.

Outreach & Partnership

While our church’s governance preserves the integrity of the local church, we recognize that a healthy church is not isolated from accountability, nor is it self-sufficient to carry out the Great Commission. We believe that interdependence with like-minded churches is the biblically prescribed means for fulfilling the Great Commission. Therefore, from our inception, we have been joined together in a joyful, formal partnership with the churches of Sovereign Grace.

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We enjoy a rich relationship with the churches of Sovereign Grace Churches worldwide. We partner closely with them in planting and building local churches in order to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.

United in fellowship, mission, and governance.

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