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Christianity Explored is a way to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening environment over eight weeks.

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Conversations about the Meaning of Life

What am I here for? What is my purpose in Life? How does Christianity answer these questions? Come and enjoy an evening of food, discussion, and making new friends. This is a safe environment where you can ask whatever question you like or not say a word. No one will ever call on you. And the whole thing is free!

Here's How the Course Works



Food has a way of bringing us together and creating good conversation. We start with food so we can get to know each other!



Talks are designed to raise important questions and inspire conversation. Generally thirty minutes long, they seek to answer important questions.



The discussion is the most important part of Christianity Explored. It’s a chance to interact with the talk and share your perspective in a safe environment. You can ask whatever question you like or not say a word. No one will ever call on you. ​

What's the best news you've ever heard?

Was it surprising? Did it change the way you think? Or was it something you wanted to be true but didn't dare hope? Discover how the extraordinary claim of the Christian faith is the best news you'll ever hear.

Stories of Lives Impacted

All kinds of people explore Christianity. These videos and blogs tell the real-life stories of a range of people who came to know and love Jesus for themselves.

Hear from others who have taken the Christianity Explored

"We attended out of curiosity. What we discovered there about God’s love for us changed our lives forever. The restlessness in me has stilled and I have a clear view of my identity, purpose and eternal destination as part of God’s plan."
- Stephanie
"Though I was nervous, I felt compelled to find out more. Through the course, I learned about Jesus, who He is, and why He came. I learned what Christianity really was. "
- Natasha
"Throughout the course, I was challenged by the gospel, and I realised that I am by no means “good” in God’s standard. If we believe in Christ, we will have eternal life, and death will no longer keep its hold on us."
- Xichen

The Christianity Explored Course has Impacted Lives Around the World

Learn all about the history of Christianity Explored, the lives it has impacted globally, as well as what you can expect by participating in a course near you.

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